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Reentering his domicile, late in the evening, three days after Madame de Bellegarde had made her bargain with him--the expression is sufficiently correct--touching the entertainment at which she was to present him to the world, he found on his table a card of goodly dimensions bearing an announcement that this lady would be at home on the 27th of the month, at ten o'clock in the evening.
I don't believe you like my little domicile," he remarked, as they started off homeward.
Here little Meriem slept in comparative warmth and safety, while The Killer and the ape perched upon near-by branches, the former always before the entrance to the lofty domicile, where he best could guard its inmate from the dangers of arboreal enemies.
Porthos had been trying a new horse; D'Artagnan was on guard at the Louvre; Aramis had been to visit one of his penitents in the neighborhood; and Athos, whose domicile was established in the Rue Guenegaud, found himself close at hand.
His poor brains being hopelessly puzzled with this dilemma, he at length ventures out, partly resolving to cross the head of the street, and send one hasty glance towards his forsaken domicile.
On approaching old Marheyo's domicile, its inmates rushed out to receive us; and while the gifts of Mehevi were being disposed of, the superannuated warrior did the honours of his mansion with all the warmth of hospitality evinced by an English squire when he regales his friends at some fine old patrimonial mansion.
One evening Tess and Clare were obliged to sit indoors keeping house, all the other occupants of the domicile being away.
BAHAWALPUR -- The Punjab government has issued directives for verification of degrees, domiciles and other documents of government employees across the district following the complaints that some people got government jobs by submitting fake degrees in different districts of the province.
GHALLANAI -- Children in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) will now get domiciles free from their schools.
In the next phase, the deputy commissioner said the domiciles of students of primary school would also be made through the same process.
With a significant life event, such as acquiring a new home in Florida, a taxpayer can signal her intent to change domiciles.
Courts have held that a husband and wife can have different legal domiciles if they live separately in a "nontraditional" marriage.