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The RMB will become more significant, but challenging US dominance in trade isn't easy.
The digenic non-allelic epistasis of additive x dominance and dominance x dominance were considered the major contributors in the inheritance of days to anthesis in crosses PS- Pop-1-1-4 x BD- Pop-2-1-2 and PS- Pop-29-2-1 x BD- Pop-2-1-2.
the double sample mean T test and the bootstrap method, the stochastic dominance theory is just a comparison of cumulative distribution functions of random variables based on the expected utility theory, which avoids many restrictive assumptions, features relatively good applicability and generality, and thus is a distribution-free method.
2013) relate dominance to characteristics such as aggressiveness, narcissism and Machiavellianism, whereas, prestige is associated with educational success, philanthropy, mentorship and charity.
The low impact of microfinance in these two countries is because of almost total male dominance in the society.
After a social hierarchy (in groups) or dominance relationship (in pairs) is formed, aggressive interactions decrease, allowing individual animals to optimize their allocation of energy and time at a reduced risk of injury (Issa et al.
AIMS & OBJECTIVES: Anomalous origin and distribution patterns of the coronary arteries may result in significant compromise of the blood flow and hearts which exhibit particular coronary artery dominance is considered to be more susceptible to coronary heart disease.
But what does make a difference is right- or left-hand dominance in combination with right- or left-eye dominance.
However, the mechanisms that initiate stem cell mutations and lead to their clonal dominance are poorly understood.
Made up of officers and enlisted Sailors, members of the Information Dominance Corps perform work in cyber, intelligence, communications and networks, meteorology, oceanography, and space professions.
The Navy established the Information Dominance Forces Command (NAVIDFOR) as the U.