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Demographic features of patients including age, gender, education level, marital status, and hand dominancy and disease features including diagnosis time, duration of morning stiffness, number of tender and swollen joints, and general perception of health were recorded.
Table 1: List of plants based on dominancy at tribe, generic and specific levels with habit, nature and locality.
4, the lifetime of the VSN is not increased because of sleep energy dominancy.
16 Another study found the same results of male dominancy over their female counterparts regarding the academic performance.
Other physiological variables affecting nerve conduction study include age, temperature, height, gender and dominancy of limbs, etc.
7], seeds were maintained in paper bags and stored at room temperature in the Phytopathology Laboratory of the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria--UFSM, for 30, 60 and 90 days respectively, without any supplementary method for dominancy overcome.
Irish language was ignored by that time and the English customs had the dominancy, Kain suggests that, "the Irish revival thus became a revival of national honor and self-respect" (39).
The studies were conducted during 2012 and 2013, to determine the distribution pattern and growth of vegetation, plant diversity, plant community, frequency, density and dominancy at 6 different sites and all 4 seasons.
TABLE 2: Phytosociological parameters estimated for the tree species in a urban forest fragment in the municipality of Serio, RS state, Brazil, in decreasing importance value order (IVI) (NI= number of specimens, AB= basal area, DA= absolute density, DoA= absolute dominancy, FA= absolute frequency).
Results: Among 48 patients there was male to female dominancy (1.
Nevertheless, Pakistan continues to be a society where male dominancy is deeply engraved in all regions and cultures, making it difficult for women to attain their rights (Akhtar & Metraux, 2013).
In our study, we were unable to assess the effect of dominancy, as almost all patients showed left-sided dominancy.