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Table 3 shows the dominancy of Ea and W in Model 2 and N in Model 1 while elevation (E) shows a balanced performance in both the models.
Moreover, adrenergic activities had never been observed even with severe hypoglycemic episodes, thus this condition may be attributed to autonomic failure related to parasympathetic dominancy due to vagal stimulus.
The activation of core muscles by self-contracting abdominals and gluteals actively during the shoulder strength measurement significantly decreased the MVIC strength values, regardless of hand dominancy and time of the measurement (before or after six-week core stabilization exercise program)
Although our quantitative findings were in accordance with the dominancy of the SB journals, the citation analyses revealed that as of 2015, the OA journals started to receive more citations than their SB equivalents did.
After the PTI came to power in Islamabad, the authority of the PML-N government in GB had weakened as the region is under the dominancy of the federal government.
It affects both women and men, but some studies have reported female dominancy and oral contraceptive use (3,4).
In the light of such dominancy of symbols and figural icons, it is worth pointing out that in much of East Asian Buddhist art, neither of these are present.
There is a great criticism and debate about the dominancy of IF to measure the science, but still the large part of the science community believes that IF is a powerful tool for the global evaluation of the scientific quality and visibility.
As many as 145 seats are required to have dominancy in Punjab government while PML-N has secured 127 seats and PTI took 122 seats in recently held general elections.
The relations between the US and India became warmer in 1960s, when rising Chinese dominancy became a threat to the Indian hegemony in South Asian Region.
In an attempt to clarify this dominancy of laparoscopic appendectomy both for ES and CA, this study was conducted.