dominant characteristic

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The purpose of the integration and embrace is not to make the non-dominant characteristic the dominant characteristic, but rather to get to know that side of ourselves.
If the transfer matrix [D.sup.*.sub.m] is irreducible, then it would have [g.sub.m] dominant characteristic roots, where [g.sub.m] denotes the period of [D.sup.*.sub.m].
"Every community when it moves toward abstraction chooses one dominant characteristic of the concept to explain it."
Hemingway hated not only his first name, but also the whole tradition of moral earnestness, the dominant characteristic of the Victorian age and object of Wilde's sparkling and rather precious satire.
"The dominant characteristic any Dutch player possesses is a confidence in their own ability.
The "tyranny of liberalism," according to the author, stems from the situation in which treating freedom, equality, and satisfaction as final standards has become the dominant characteristic of public discourse and the self-understanding of major institutions.
From 1945 until today, a combination of economic globalization and political internationalization has been the dominant characteristic of our time.
The dominant characteristic of the Tokugawa system, says Howell, was its universality; everyone, including reformers, accepted "the legitimacy of the status order as the basis of political economy" (49).
163(8) of the Criminal Code which states: "any publication a dominant characteristic of which is the undue exploitation of sex, or of sex and any one or more of the following subjects, namely, crime, horror, cruelty and violence, shall be deemed to be obscene." Judson emphasized that, in applying this law, a trial judge should not rely upon his own sensitivities, but seek to uphold the contemporary standards of the community on what constitutes undue exploitation of sex.
Prosperity, more than poverty, is the dominant characteristic of Australia today.
He has created out of this engulfing love of literature work stamped with a signature style that has as its dominant characteristic the ability to evoke immersive experience through figurative language: the immediate feeling of things and the resonant thingness of feelings.
While racism tended to be the dominant characteristic of the American army, Keene argues that the picture was more complicated.