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A dominant idea in Scholars' Bedlam is that some humanists used Menippeanism as an acceptable literary form to deflate their own pretensions and to critique humanism itself.
Media Dominance is a concept which suggests that "the ideas of the dominant class become dominant ideas in society, and mass media become controlled by the dominant class and will support their supervision on the rest of the society" [6].
Unfortunately, however, the artificial limb has had more disabling consequences for Welsh people through the ways in which it has marked individuals as impaired and dislocated them from the wider community through the influence of prejudice, bigotry and dominant ideas of physical capacity and economic productivity.
All the chapters, in diverse ways, offer proposals for alternative strategies to address the limitations and contradictions of currently dominant ideas and practices in development.
This collection makes readily accessible the dominant ideas and vision of Josef Pieper (1904-1997), a prominent German Catholic philosopher who drew heavily on the thought of Thomas Aquinas.
The stress on process establishes the privileged role of concept, in contradistinction to the conceptual artists of the '60s such as Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, or George Brecht, for whom the dominant ideas were important, not the end product.
They have organized the papers into five sections conceptually defined by the notions of upsetting disciplinary foundations, pluralizing modernity, interrogating dominant ideas of multiculturalism and cultural identity, "border epistemology" (or the operations of colonial exteriorities within Europe), and engagement with the South "as a metaphor for the global periphery and for an alternative epistemology of counter globalization.
Unexamined cultural assumptions and dominant ideas are illuminated in this volume by exploring the mechanisms by which limits are set, maintained and transgressed.
What Kukucha refers to as the dominant ideas of neoliberalism took hold in New Brunswick with the election of the Liberals there in 1987.
Fukuyama: Many of the dominant ideas on development have come from Washington or elsewhere in the US.
Specifically, it might be prudent for us to better understand which way the government sways, left or right, the main or dominant ideas it supports and promotes in health care arenas, and importantly, which interest groups play a complementary or conflicting role with those in support of occupational therapy ideas and interests.