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Prevalent; paramount in force or effect; of primary importance or consideration. That which is dominant possesses rights that prevail over those of others.

In Property Law, the estate to which an Easement, or right of use, is given is called the dominant tenement or estate, and the one upon which the easement is imposed is called the servient tenement or estate.


adjective ascendant, authoritative, chief, commanding, controlling, eminent, first, governing, hegemonical, influential, leading, main, master, overshadowing, paramount, predominant, preeminent, preponderant, prepotent, prevalent, primary, prime, principal, regnant, ruling, sovereign, superior, supreme, unsurpassed, weighty
Associated concepts: dominant aspect rule, dominant essate, dominant land, dominant party, dominant right, dommnant tenant, serviant land
See also: absolute, cardinal, causative, central, compelling, considerable, current, essential, forcible, influential, leading, master, omnipotent, outstanding, potent, powerful, predominant, prevailing, prevalent, primary, prime, principal, rampant, rife, salient, sovereign, stellar

DOMINANT. estates. In the civil law, this term is used to signify the estate to which a servitude or easement is due from another estate; for example, where the owners of the estate, Blackacre, have a right of way or passage over the estate Whiteacre, the former is called the dominant, and the latter the servient estate. Bouv. Inst. n. 1600.

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Brain research has confirmed that just as you have a dominant hand, eye, and even a dominant foot, you probably have a dominant side of your brain.
West End were the much more dominant side in the second period but were guilty of squandering several good chances to make the game comfortable.
Promoted Freiburg were the dominant side, missing several good scoring opportunities.
The 42-year-old, who has had two spells as Pakistan coach, said: "We have a fantastic challenge to not only get Middlesex back into Division One of the County Championship but to work toward becoming the dominant side in the short form.
More cases of osteoporosis were diagnosed when both forearms were scanned with dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) than when the dominant side alone was scanned, Pam Johnson reported during a poster session at the annual meeting of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry.
But if someone doesn't have a defined path to follow and can't see a final destination, the person will curve toward his or her dominant side.
Barkers looked the dominant side and showed some promising signs although the flow of the game was constantly disrupted by errors in the deteriorating conditions.
It's coming into vogue in some circles to carry the handgun on the dominant side and the knife opposite, so if you have to defend yourself against a disarming attempt, you can use the support hand to cut the attacking limb.
West Indies won the first two World Cups in 1975 and 1979 and under the captaincy of Clive Lloyd and Viv Richards became the dominant side in test and one-day cricket in the 1980s and early 1990s.
WBTHC continued to be the dominant side until they found themselves down to 10 men after Nathaniel Ray received a yellow card for dangerous play.
Now YM were the dominant side and good work in midfield saw Alex Tattersley sweep the play from the left to Matty Rowles, whose cross from the right shaved Brad Hall's head to go just wide.
Eddie Wolecki Black's dominant side have just clinched their eighth league title in a row and are two games away from sealing a third-successive Treble.

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