dominant theme

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The dominant theme of the volume, they write, is to reveal how sustainability information is actually used, interpreted, and processed by internal managers and external investors; to understand factors which can lead to improved sustainability reporting and assurance in practice; and how to effectively evaluate the quality of corporate financial reporting that includes sustainability disclosures.
"During the summer, markets were further rocked by the US credit rating downgrade and the start of the debt problems in Europe, which remained a dominant theme throughout the rest of the year."
Summary: Unwinding of carry trades in response to renewed risk aversion was the dominant theme of the Asian session with reports of hedge funds being stopped out...
A spokeswoman for the store said: "Safari is a dominant theme again this season and the great thing is it is really flattering.
Sir - Canvassing over the past month, a dominant theme on doorsteps has been the grave concerns of the public of the illegal war in Iraq and its ensuing consequences.There have been 655,000 innocent civilians killed (Lancet statistics) including many Welsh troops.
For instance, by the sixteenth century, morrises were performed in royal courts as part of spectacularly embellished tournament processions, a dominant theme of which was martial combat or contest.
These sloppy, clunky lyrics coupled with the dominant theme of romantic anguish are a drag because Ferrick does have a rather pleasant voice.
Scientific management encountered important difficulties in practice, including alienation of employees and difficulty balancing quality against the dominant theme of quantity.
NEW ORLEANS -- While observers tended to agree that this year's NACDS Marketplace revealed no single overwhelmingly hot product or category, they also concurred on the dominant theme in one major product group.
At the center of Amelang's study lies a determined, and successful, challenge to the dominant theme in analyses of autobiographical writing: autobiography as the supreme expression of individualism.
The dominant theme, perhaps, in the social teaching of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is the preferential option for the poor.
Alice Walker's By the Light of My Father's Smile opens significantly with a chapter entitled "Angels," which is also the title of the first of three sections of this new novel in which spirituality is a dominant theme. Who is speaking in this first chapter?