dominant theme

See: motif
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Realism coupled with societal male lust was a dominant theme in the work of Samiullah Sehto, who focused on the present deplorable situation in the country, specifically the Kasur incident.
It (along with certain "baking" programmes) has become the dominant theme in British culture; I have heard it referenced in antiques programmes, arts programmes, news items, radio shows and even wildlife documentaries.
The dominant theme on Watershed is awareness and acceptance of mental health issues, passions for the St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador native who founded the advocacy group It's Mental.
Prolonged spells of rain and sleet were the dominant theme on day one of the Betfair Chase meeting, and although more is expected, officials last night ruled out the need for an inspection for today's valuable card.
It in some ways portrays where we as a society could be going--reliant on technology and the loss of social interaction between humans a dominant theme.
With stockings and suspenders the dominant theme, these were teamed with a black basque or silver bra set - while the risquer option was left up to the masked mannequin to display.
Modi's role in the next Lok Sabha polls is also expected to be the dominant theme of the BJP National Executive meet.
What to make of the mobile channel is a dominant theme in this month's focus report.
The demand for independence was not a dominant theme in the campaign.
Efficiently organised, with Peel taking responsibility for the first eight chapters leading to Federation, and Twomey taking over for the twentieth century to the present, the history clocks in at under 300 pages, concluding with the election of Julia Gillard as Australia's first female Prime Minister and the measured prediction that the environment will be the dominant theme in Australia's future.
On the other hand, the dominant theme in both Al-Ayyam and al-Hayat al-Jadida featured the ongoing violent outbreaks between the Syrian army and the opposition in Aleppo and Damascus; while US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed contingency plans with Turkish officials, during her visit to Istanbul, and expressed concern over the relations between Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah.
CAIRO: Egypt's bourse ended lower on Wednesday with low trading volumes a dominant theme.