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5% share of manufactured devices in the market, the iPhone 6 continues to dominate, with a 3.
Each moment employees allow another person's remote control to work successfully or allow an object to control and dominate their emotional state, they are weakened internally and become a puppet in the other person's hands.
If dominate is the number of chances, yes, Paris had more chances than us.
Furthermore, we prove that every maximal biclique of a graph in this class is formed by those vertices that either are adjacent or dominate v, for some vertex v.
One can also note that during the migration of Macedonians, municipalities Kisela Voda, Aerodrom, Centar, Gjorce Petrov and Karpos dominate and Cair, Saraj and Aracinovo with Albanians.
I think it's going to be harder to dominate, like we used to see, like Tiger has dominated.
Another feature is a passive acceptance of the supposed superiority of the dominating group's culture and its right to dominate.
He was the author of 'The Age of Reason'; 'Common Sense'; and 'The Rights of Man', three of the most important treatises to provide the philosophical underpinnings to America's colonial struggle for emancipation from a dominate and dominating England.
They dominate almost all terrestrial (land-based) habitats.
Female hyenas dominate the species' rough-and-tumble social life and even grow penislike genitalia.
Furthermore, high school faculties are dominated by teachers of college prep courses who want their subjects to dominate the curriculum and command the lion's share of the school budget.