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When a bachelor interests, and dominates, and teaches, and becomes important to a spinster, as Higgins with Eliza, she always, if she has character enough to be capable of it, considers very seriously indeed whether she will play for becoming that bachelor's wife, especially if he is so little interested in marriage that a determined and devoted woman might capture him if she set herself resolutely to do it.
But no sooner had it started than instantly the aeronautic parks were to proceed to put together and inflate the second fleet which was to dominate Europe and manoeuvre significantly over London, Paris, Rome, St.
Dollop looked round with the air of a landlady accustomed to dominate her company.
But when we dominate the rykor--ah, that is different, and when I hear you sing and look at your beautiful body I know what you mean by love.
There are two excellent reasons for this: One is that from the beginning of time jealousy had existed between the Wieroo and the Galus as to which would eventually dominate the world.
Mind, I still believe that in the end German progress and German culture will dominate the world, but it may not be in our day.
The doctor's life-size portrait in oil hung in that room, and seemed completely to dominate it.
They dominate in several of the systems that extend to the Pacific.
Personified, the Seven Sins in themselves almost dominate medieval literature, a sort of shadowy evil pantheon.
They were eyes that masked the soul with a thousand guises, and that sometimes opened, at rare moments, and allowed it to rush up as though it were about to fare forth nakedly into the world on some wonderful adventure,--eyes that could brood with the hopeless sombreness of leaden skies; that could snap and crackle points of fire like those which sparkle from a whirling sword; that could grow chill as an arctic landscape, and yet again, that could warm and soften and be all a-dance with love-lights, intense and masculine, luring and compelling, which at the same time fascinate and dominate women till they surrender in a gladness of joy and of relief and sacrifice.
She can dominate it even when it is wounded through her sympathy with you.
They are powerful enough almost to dominate society, and we poor people who abide by the conventions are absolutely nowhere beside them.