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It is actually they who choose to be influenced and dominated.
Cha said workplaces dominated by men tend to operate on outdated assumptions about "separate spheres" marriage-families with a homemaking woman and a breadwinning man.
Say that v dominates w, or equivalently that w is dominated by v, when N(w) [subset or equal to] N(v).
He added that the market was dominated by profit-taking operations.
For the dominated group, at both the personal and national level, these typically include attributes such as dependency, lack of initiative, sense of inferiority and fear of speaking out.
An RC-graph [Gamma](G, H) is RC-signed dominated if either f [v] [greater than or equal to] 1 or f * [v] [greater than or equal to] 1 for all v [member of] V.
The three-way negotiations (some of them strongly and violently contested) that would ultimately shape working-class circumstances were not dominated by any one of the actors here indicated.
Furthermore, high school faculties are dominated by teachers of college prep courses who want their subjects to dominate the curriculum and command the lion's share of the school budget.
Global sources of funds dominated inter-regional investment in 2005, accounting for approximately $32.
Dominated by the population living in Fort McMurray, where employment is recognized for its involvement in oil sands development.
To date, the high-end DSC market has been dominated by more expensive CCDs because CMOS sensors have been unable to match CCDs in resolution and image quality.
Occupations in nursing, social work and physiotherapy continue to be female dominated, and to understand this phenomenon better, one needs to understand the social structure of women in the workforce, says Heap.