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or, as Eliza would qualify him, a toff), and speaks like one; he is nicely dressed, is treated by the Colonel as an equal, loves her unaffectedly, and is not her master, nor ever likely to dominate her in spite of his advantage of social standing.
They dominate in several of the systems that extend to the Pacific.
It both protected the advances already made to the north, and helped to dominate the sea coast.
But when we dominate the rykor--ah, that is different, and when I hear you sing and look at your beautiful body I know what you mean by love.
She had heard great scientists discuss the future of the red race and she recalled that some had maintained that eventually the brain would entirely dominate the man.
The doctor's life-size portrait in oil hung in that room, and seemed completely to dominate it.
The European market dominates AMH sales, accounting for 42% of global sales, followed by the United States, which holds a 21% market share.
Insightful commentary into the subject's humanity dominates the summation of her chairing of the UN Human Rights Commission.
It is not only that people today have access consumer credit to an extent that would have been unimagined even a generation ago, but that financialization has been so infused into the popular culture that the obsession with money now dominates family life, personal ambitions and decisions.
For instance, Europe still dominates as a buyer of BSKP or sulphite pulps, but Asia is already clearly number one in UKP and BHKP.
As far as unit numbers are concerned, SCSI based RAID still dominates when PCI RAID is included.
Clearly, for a large diode conductance, the noise of the bootstrap amplifier dominates.