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Say also that S is safe if v(S) dominates w(S), and that it is unsafe otherwise.
Financial transactions now dominate economic exchanges to extent not known before.
For instance, Europe still dominates as a buyer of BSKP or sulphite pulps, but Asia is already clearly number one in UKP and BHKP.
As far as unit numbers are concerned, SCSI based RAID still dominates when PCI RAID is included.
Clearly, for a large diode conductance, the noise of the bootstrap amplifier dominates.
There is no reliable estimate of which religion dominates nationally, but Muslims are in a big majority in the north and Christians dominate in the east, while the south-west is mixed.
Others, like the gigantic computer-generated figure which dominates EJM 2, are prerecorded.
This vision of the harsh pedant pervades Marxist, deconstructionist, and New Historicist readings alike, all echoing a Milton who, "having established fallen engagement, dominates it" (7).
The other religion that so dominates our life is that of capitalism.
In the sibling, (all works 1994) mindless discipline and trauma-induced catatonia issue from the same dark, phallic figure that dominates the composition--in the oddly diminutive way in which any given figure can be said to "dominate" in this artist's work.
Batch temperature at discharge, as a function of rotor speed and total unit work (figure 2), shows that rotor speed dominates batch temperature by its influence on the energy "balance" of the system.
Woosley is taking the coincidence between the decay time of the supernova's brightness and the decay time of cobalt-56 as possible evidence that the supernova has entered the stage where such decay dominates its energy balance.