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The market performance this week did not differ much from that of last week as anticipation is dominating the scene waiting for 2011 final data.
A subset S [subset or equal to] V of vertices in a graph G = (V, E) is called a Majority Dominating Set if at least half of the vertices of V are either in S or adjacent to elements of S.
Those who attempt to speak out are branded as "troublemakers" and "extremists" both by the dominating group and some of the dominated group, such as Mr Dix, who are imbued with the myth of the former's superiority.
A function f : V [right arrow] {0, 1} is a dominating function if f [v] = [summation over (x[member of]N[v]] f(x) [greater than or equal to] 1 for all v [member of] V.
For this graph G, we present some dominating sets for possible values of [m.
A profusion of candid shots picture her relationships with her husband, children, and dominating mother-in-law.
TWILIGHT S/t (Southern Lord)--All-(dark)-star line-up of blackened grimmsters (Xasthur, Leviathan, Draugar, Nachtmystium and Krieg) join forces to create one dominating entity of bleak terror.
We searched the dominating frequency of ligaments forming from the spray centerline at the sheet break-up point to calculate the size of ligaments.
Black and mulatto women, on the other hand, were masculinized in paintings which portrayed black women dominating Spanish and mestizo men and treating their children in neglectful and decidedly unmotherly ways.
Hendry, who takes on Gary Wilkinson in the first round of the World Championship at the Crucible at the weekend, said: "It looks like the days of someone dominating the game the way Steve Davis and I used to do is over.
Photodiodes have smaller noise than PC detectors because the dominating photodiode shot-noise is much smaller than the generation-recombination noise of PC detectors.
It is also a tale of a highly successful man who has, consciously or not, merely substituted one dominating father figure for another, the United States of America.