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If you are to enjoy freedom as non-domination in certain choices, so the idea went, then you must not be subject to the will of others in how you make those choices; you must not suffer dominatio in the word established in Roman republican usage (Lovett, 2010, appendix I).
This model is fundamentally principalitas and non dominatio, one that is oriented toward service, not domination or supremacy.
4) Augustine also noted that depriving a ruler of his language was hitting him where it hurt: 'Quoniam dominatio imperantis in lingua est, ibi est damnata superbia, ut non intellegeretur iubens homini, qui noluit intellegere ut oboediret Deo iubenti' ('Because the authority of a ruler exists in language, it is in this that his pride is damned, so that the one who has refused to understand God's commands may himself not be understood when he issues commands to people'.
The sense of outrage which comes across is scarcely surprising, since in recent times the church managed to survive in Poland in spite of communist dominatio n.
They operate in those areas like a master or dominus and what they exercise in relation to you may be well-described as dominatio or domination.