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Something seemed to tell her that once beyond it the domination of the kaldane would be broken.
Chapter one examines scenes involving "jollity" or "simulated contentment" as everyday forms of domination that have generally been overlooked in previous historical accounts.
THE QUESTIONS OF DEMOCRACY, citizenship, equality and domination are of crucial importance for the understanding of minority-majority relations in deeply divided societies.
The year in local sports began as 2000 ended: Paraclete and Hart won football titles, the Valley's domination of city baseball and boys' volleyball continued, the Mission League kept the girls' soccer title in the family for a fifth straight year, and there were plenty of individuals who made their marks.
To those who might argue that the patriarchy and exclusivism that permeates the biblical tradition have turned it too often into an instrument of oppression to let them feel comfortable about reclaiming it, Thornhill's response is that this unfortunate historical record should not obscure for us the essential witness of the scriptures, "which invites us to leave behind all human discrimination and domination.
It maintains a theology of inequality and a spirituality of domination.
It is clear that complete domination is not love, but sharing roles gives Lilith and Ulric a true, heart wrenching, undying love.
LUDWIGSBURG, Germany -- The Executive Board of BERU AG was informed today by BorgWarner Germany GmbH that BorgWarner Germany GmbH has crossed the threshold of 75% voting rights in BERU AG on December 10, 2007, and that it is intended to start preparation for the conclusion of a domination and profit transfer agreement between BorgWarner Germany GmbH as controlling party and BERU AG as controlled party.
We both are fighting against injustice, domination and we are fighting for liberation of the mass of the people.
The Henry Cecil-trained World Domination, who has had just one run, is in the unusual position of assuming Derby favouritism even as connections ponder whether he has the quality to be a Classic contender.
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