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The implicit demand in this rejection of essentialist understandings of masculinity is, of course, that just as our culture has constructed dominative patterns for men, we individual men must assume responsibility for reflecting on and changing those negative "ways of being, thinking, and acting.
It seems prudent in this regard to note, therefore, that while we cannot entirely reduce the liaison to the context of its genesis, it is central nonetheless to consider slavery's dominative terms.
No matter what the technological means used to express and circulate ideas, in divided and dominative societies, including the United States, free speech is forever both constrained and threatened: a matter not of absolute normative commitment but of conflict-laden contingency.
The essay "Reflections on American 'Left' Literary Criticism" deploys Gramsci to remind such American critics that their theoretical radicalism is always-already contained by the hegemonic apparatus of the state, and that real radicalism will necessitate explicitly thinking through that reifying and bureaucratizing dominative and discursive machinery.
All authentic Christian spirituality is Christocentric without necessarily being oppressive and dominative.
First, the old-fashion or dominative racism, which is openly expressed toward victims, has decreased in recent years (Biernat, Vescio, Theno, & Crandal, 1996; Williams et al.
During the first and second day of the training we reviewed video recordings on mathematics teaching which show integrative teachers (indirect influence) and dominative teachers (direct influence).
This commitment, however, is increasingly threatened by the dominative logic of "techno-science," in which the utility of knowledge is seen primarily in its technical application.
It is possible to rule if you operate in a dominative way, if you tell people what to do, if you do the propaganda, if you send into labour camps people who don't agree with you, if you police the boundaries.
1) In response to generations of what Lott called "revisionist" critics who thereafter aimed at revealing "minstrelsy's patent inauthenticity, its northern origins, [and] its self-evidently dominative character," (2) W.
For all his doctrinaire insistence on male predominance, Lawrence was never a crude exponent of machismo; he was, indeed, scathing in his indictment of stock, dominative masculine assertiveness of Gerald's type.
Subordinate masculinities represent those that undermine the goals of a dominative hegemonic masculinity, with gay and academically inclined men presented as examples due to their association with femininity.