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tv has used SSD based storage subsystems, but now the Dominator AT/3G uniquely stores 266 hours, 100 Mbit of HD video -- more than any other similar product.
Expeditors are great at making sure everyone gets their say by keeping dominators in check and encouraging shy members to get involved.
The latest powerhouse of mobile platform, MSI GT72VR Dominator series enhanced the cooling design become "Cooler Boost 4" to support the latest GEFORCE(R) GTX 1070 graphics for smooth VR experience with HTC VIVE Optimized performance.
As the pinnacle of the CORSAIR range of high performance memory, Dominator Platinum is the choice of PC enthusiasts who demand the world's most advanced memory.
What followed was years of extensive research and training, both physical and mental, in order to achieve the body, health, and the Dominator mindset.
Se realizaron 8 muestreos desde los 14 hasta 112 ddt en el Cid, L2, L3 y desde los 17 hasta los 116 ddt en Dominator, y consistieron en la extraccion de tres plantas al azar por cultivar con frecuencia quincenal, tomadas solo de los canteros centrales de la plantacion en buen estado.
On a rural road one moonless night, we discovered even our high-beam automobile headlights were clearly out-ranged and "out-lit" by the UDR Dominator.
United Kingdom-based Norton has revealed details of the Dominator cafe racer motorcycle.
2 -- Corsair(R), a worldwide leader in high-performance PC components and ASUS a worldwide leader in motherboards, today announced the availability of the Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 memory kits in 3300MHz, 3200MHz and 3000MHz speeds - the world's fastest production memory kits.
This overnight cruiser from Italy's Dominator has the DNA of a megayacht
The unmanned platform was identified as the Dominator XP, a medium-altitude, long-endurance system.