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Irritated already by Lady Lydiard's letters, he lost the self-command which so eminently distinguished him in the ordinary affairs of life, and showed the domineering and despotic temper which was an inbred part of his disposition.
Fentolin than a very selfish, irritable, domineering, and capricious old man.
Passing sentence Judge Niclas Parry said the assault was sickening and "the act of a domineering bully".
Thirty years earlier in flashback, we learn Nelly was an aspiring actress in a family of performers headed by her domineering mother, Frances Ternan (Kristin Scott Thomas).
But Mr Gatland said the Ferrari-driving charmer was in fact "womanising, over-bearing, manipulative, domineering, frightening on occasions and a greedy liar".
She, a product of domineering parents, has secretly withdrawn her acceptance at Emory, where her mother works, to join Project Unity and teach English to underprivileged Guatemalan children.
Saucy Jessica, 29, who lives in Dublin and told the Sun that she loves her job, is a very domineering person and is always interested in domination.
He said: "The scenery became ever more domineering and impressive and the scale of everything just continues to rise.
But I recall the astonishingly gripping autobiographical Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988) with its epic performance by Pete Postlethwaite as the domineering father figure.
He wrote many of the Rainbow scripts, and claimed he based the voice of domineering Zippy on a cross between Margaret Thatcher and Ian Paisley.
The political paysage in Macedonia is a simple formula of the firm, domineering leadership and obedient - press the button- cadres.
DWAYNE (Danny McBride) and his pal Travis (Nick Swardson) cower in the shadow of Dwayne's domineering father, The Major (Fred Ward), who won 10 million dollars on the lottery and has frittered away most of the cash.