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Antigen's Integrated Antivirus and Antispam Functionality Provide Complete Messaging Security for IBM Lotus Domino Information Workplace
Usage Investigator (CUI) for managing and optimizing IBM Lotus Domino application deployment and usage throughout the enterprise.
Based on the unique insights it has garnered in developing workplaces, Trilog offers a specialized curriculum designed to help Lotus Domino developers extend their existing skills to the IBM Workplace platform.
It pulls data from Lotus Domino and other sources to build a relationship capital network.
bounty hunter Domino Harvey, 90 percent satiric, super-complicated, all-chopped-up action movie insanity.
The improvements in both functionality and management meet the requirements of Domino sites of all sizes," said Elaine McCarthy, Global Product Manager, Clearswift.
a pioneer in multi-enterprise project collaboration offerings and an established provider of distributed business process solutions and development tools, today unveiled Darwino(TM), the first visual data conversion tool to transform IBM Lotus Notes and Domino documents into the new IBM Workplace Designer XML document repository.
At IBM, we have consistently been at the forefront of identifying new ways to achieve operational efficiency," said Kevin Cavanaugh, vice president, Lotus Notes and Domino Development, IBM.
We are very happy to be working with an experienced partner such as Domino EIS and look forward to continued future success"
MIMEsweeper for Domino is the equivalent of MIMEsweeper for Exchange for IBM Lotus Domino environments and is a comprehensive content security solution.
The player with the double six domino begins the round and the play moves counter-clockwise.
The International Domino Federation's World Domino Championship is scheduled for Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 2007 and Orlando, Florida in 2008.