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We used to think that once the bloom died, the danger was over, but now it turns out that domoic acid is a 'gift' that just keeps on giving," she added.
The body burden levels of p,p'-DDE are close to the range recently found in fetal California sea lions and suggest a potential interactive effect of p,p'-DDE embryonic poisoning and domoic acid toxicity.
Domoic acid (Sigma) was cross-linked to horseradish peroxidase (HRP) using the procedure of Yoon et al.
It turned out to be domoic acid poisoning, among the first signs of a problem that appeared up and down the Southern California coast, killing scores of animals, including sea lions.
Many organizations currently screen shellfish to monitor for domoic acid risks to people, he notes.
The action level for domoic acid is 15 parts per million (ppm).
Depuration and anatomical distribution of the amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP) toxin domoic acid in the king scallop Pecten maximus.
There are no known cases of whales dying from domoic acid poisoning on the West Coast, although they do eat some things that could be contaminated, officials said.
MUS-1 Mussel tissue (Mytilus edulis), certified for domoic acid DACS-1B Domoic acid calibration solution OACS-1 Okadaic acid calibration solution MUS-2 Mussel tissue (mytilus edulis), certified for okadaic acid and DTX-1 toxin PSP-1 Calibration solutions for four paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins
Harmful algal blooms that produce domoic acid are increasing, possibly due to warming ocean waters and human impacts such as farm and sewage runoff.
Ventura County is where the majority of animals are coming up right now with domoic acid poisoning.
Amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP) caused by domoic acid (DA), on the other hand, is a relatively new syndrome.