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The ActivClient suite of products provides the DON, as well as much of the DoD with the PKI authentication and encryption capabilities that enable all levels of DON personnel to use a CAC as standard identification to gain right of entry to DON computers, networks, and certain DON facilities connected to the DON/Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN).
Megan encourages him to move on but goes silent when Don mentions that he sees this as an opportunity to be in Los Angeles.
Being busy with work and family like everyone else, I didn't even ask Don the details of the hunt until right before I left for Kansas.
Don is cold blooded and such people are really dangerous to deal with.
I encountered Don periodically in the years that followed, mainly at TEI conferences and meetings.
Is required to report the results of the audit organization's work to the head or deputy head of the entity; (the auditor general and other Naval Audit Service senior leaders meet with DoN senior leaders regularly throughout the year and at semiannual Oversight Planning Board (OPB) meetings, and copies of final audit reports are sent to the under secretary)
Jeb and Don don't think the "one person, one vote" model is working well, as it gives a partner bringing in a couple hundred thousand dollars in business the same vote each of them has.
Don Quixote seems a declaration of his own philosophical credo as well as a genuine re-creation of Miguel de Cervantes' classic novel about the idealist at odds with the world.
Marjorie Berleth, RNC, MSHA: For 22 years I have been the DON of the Masonic Home of New Jersey, a 527-bed facility in Burlington, New Jersey.