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People don't bat an eyelid when the Swiss star loses to Nadal.
The mares and foals don't bat an eyelid as cars drive by the roads they wander across.
I'm refused yet people use disabled parking spaces and have nothing wrong with them and they don't bat an eyelid.
They don't use them themselves and don't bat an eyelid if somebody dies.
He said: "The vast majority don't bat an eyelid but as Panti says I still check myself and when myself and my boyfriend are walking down the street.
We have to film when there are customers about but they don't bat an eyelid.
Such is his brazen attitude that traders in the Carmarthenshire town don't bat an eyelid when he pops in for something to eat or to find a quiet aisle to sleep in.
Now attitudes have changed and people don't bat an eyelid when they see a scooter in the street.