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To be honest, that could happen against Salford this weekend if we don't start smartening up our act.
If we don't start showing some utility from these things--if our industrial partners don't start to actually make some money--then all of the hoopla about the great promise of these materials will dissipate away.
After years of researching the effects that cigarette smoking has on rheumatoid arthritis, Derek Mattey has some advice, especially for women: Don't start smoking
All I can say is please don't start tipping me now as my owners might feel you'd be a jinx.
Parents--not the MPAA--should make sure that kids don't start smoking.
The biggest thing that we do differently is that we don't start from a totally clean sheet of paper.
We don't start at the top and say we're going to develop this product.
Sure, venture-capitalists have thrown vast millions at new companies; but there comes a point where, if you don't start taking in real revenues, you just bum through your seed-money or your investors' money, and you're out of business.
Coordinate your eating schedule with your running so you don't start out with an empty tank.
You don't start building a sturdy structure from the middle, you have to start with the foundation, she summarizes.
If foundries don't start to question some of their time-honored practices and methods and look to attain a new level of efficiency, quality, customer service, employee retention, etc.
If lucky at the end of the process there will be forgiveness but don't start off demanding it.

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