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They could suggest possible projects, take pictures of their child demonstrating an act of kindness, donate scrapbooking materials or help their child with the scrapbook page.
B purchases a new copier and donates the old one to a local charity.
PERHAPS YOU'VE SEEN THE FLYERS or heard the ads on the radio: Donate your used car to charity and we'll arrive at your home, arrange the title transfer, and tow away your old clunker, giving the proceeds to your favorite charity.
When I receive unexpected money, I donate 10 percent of it to Catholic Relief Services.
Does a corporation that donates more product than the recipient can use increase the potential that some product may be wasted or not used in accordance with IRS regulations?
As part of the LEGO Builders of Tomorrow program, children are encouraged to donate one of their LEGO bricks and send drawings, photos or notes describing something they think would help New Orleans become a strong city again.
He or she can donate a remainder interest in the land, which would allow him or her to continue living on the land, with the land trust gaining title and control at the landowner's death.
eBay will make a donation equivalent to all selling fees (insertion and final value fees) when a seller donates 100% of an item's final sale price to a certified nonprofit member of the eBay Giving Works program.
Company Donates Monoclate-P(R), Mononine(R) and Helixate(R) FS through Project SHARE, World Federation of Hemophilia and Patient Assistance Program
Clear Channel Entertainment Donates Concert Proceeds, Sends Clothing and Merchandise to Local and International Victims
Wireless Zone is an active participant in the DONATE A PHONE program, which recycles used wireless phones to help protect the environment and donates the phones to the Call to Protect Program.