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B agrees to donate a bicycle with a $400 basis and a $750 net realizable value.
The government also forfeits a huge chunk of tax revenue to a much less conspicuous group: people who donate their cars to charity and take a deduction.
Joan Cutler tries to donate to organizations that focus on people's most basic needs, "the ones that provide food, clothing, and shelter.
Hundreds of corporations donate inventory to charity and have found, especially during a recession, that the practice has benefits beyond the tax deduction.
Alternatively, the landowner can donate land by will to ensure protection after his or her death.
eBay will make a donation equivalent to all selling fees (insertion and final value fees) when a seller donates 100% of an item's final sale price to a certified nonprofit member of the eBay Giving Works program.
that donates anti-hemophilic factor and ancillary medical supplies to patients with bleeding disorders in developing countries.
What's exciting is that consumers now have an added benefit - not only will they be able to keep their number when switching carriers - they will also be given the opportunity to donate their old phones to philanthropic causes.
Former 49er Coach and Cypress CEO to Make $20,000 Contribution to the Food Bank, Cypress to Donate $25,000 in Addition to Food Contribution,
Profitable Internet software company to donate up to $25,000 based on