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Saving life is probably the other benefit to the recipient and reduce the risk of having cancer to the donor, adding that continuous voluntary donors have added benefit of good health to the person donating the blood, he noted.
Of the 37 participants who expressed concerns about donating organs, 54.
Donating the stock directly allows them to do this.
In yet another variation on the theme, The Loading Dock, based in Baltimore, has been very successful in taking unwanted construction materials and homebuilding equipment and donating it to community groups and individuals involved in affordable housing projects.
Will a corporation donating inventory locally hurt its market by giving products to prospective customers?
Calling for fellow physicians to "consider seriously the possibility of donating their brains for research after death," -- establishing a trend for others to follow -- he also noted that an ample supply of human tissues might reduce the need for many studies now performed on laboratory animals.
I try talking to people about donating their platelets, but either they're too scared or they don't want to take the time,'' he says.
Besides donating money to the campaign for each bra sold, all Lindex stores will sell the Pink Ribbon.
Aromafloria, an aromatherapy product retailer, is also donating 10 percent of its October sales of the Sensory Fusion Pomegranate Bath Fizz ($22) to the organization.
Bob and Susan are also supporters of their church and have considered donating the collection to it.
There is no risk of contracting West Nile Virus, or any other disease, through donating blood," said Stanford Blood Center spokesman Michelle Bussenius.
SANTA CLARITA - Temperatures were soaring outside one recent afternoon, but many people found a way to keep cool inside by donating blood for Breanna Pflaumer at the Santa Clarita Athletic Club.

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