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Relating to the gratuitous transfer of something as in the nature of a gift.

A donative trust is the conveyance of property in trust set up as a gift from one person to another.

Donative intent is the intent to give something as a gift.


adjective aiding, awarding, beneficent, benevolent, bestowing, bountiful, charitable, conferring, contributory, conveying, endowing, freehanded, furnishing, generous, given away, giving, granting, gratuitous, imparting, openhanded, philanthropic, presenting, providing, supplying
Associated concepts: donative intent, donative trust
See also: gift, gratuity, largess, present, tip
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7) A significantly updated treatment of powers of appointment, running over two hundred pages, is found in the Restatement (Third) of Property: Wills and Other Donative Transfers, which was published in 2011.
See Christian Williams, Note, Combating the Problems of Human Rights Abuses and Inadequate Organ Supply Through Presumed Donative Consent, 26 CASE W.
Country Gov't Earned Donative sources income sources Cermany 68% 28% 4% France 59% 33% 7% Italy 43% 53% 4% United Kingdom 40% 48% 12% Japan 38% 60% 1% United States 30% 52% 19% Sweden 29% 62% 9% Hungary 23% 57% 20% Average 41% 49% 10% (Lundstrom and Wijkstrom, 1997, p.
Looking at preservation use, one sees that transactors frequently pay cash for the ownership right to use environmentally significant real estate for preservation (environmental preservation utility) and to receive consideration on disposition (typically cash, donative, and/or trade benefits).
Dispositions pursuant to death, donative transfers and subsequent section 1042 sales also are exempt.
TAXABLE INCOME--A donative granted by the state to a fortunate but sometimes ungrateful citizenry.
Consider two kinds of conventional fiduciary relationships: the first between the trustee and beneficiary of an ordinary donative trust, and the second between parents and their children.
A person who suffers from an insane delusion is not necessarily deprived of capacity to make a donative transfer.
Issue: In 1998, the IRS opened a gift tax examination of the merger transaction and concluded that the Cavallaros had transferred Knight's property to their sons for less than adequate value and the merger was not a bona fide transaction made at arm's length and free from donative intent.
On the other hand, a pledge to make a gift of a specified asset, or of a general sum, at a future time fails as a (mere) donative promise, ordinarily unenforceable at common law.
The Unenforceability of Donative Promises that Have Not Been