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Relating to the gratuitous transfer of something as in the nature of a gift.

A donative trust is the conveyance of property in trust set up as a gift from one person to another.

Donative intent is the intent to give something as a gift.


adjective aiding, awarding, beneficent, benevolent, bestowing, bountiful, charitable, conferring, contributory, conveying, endowing, freehanded, furnishing, generous, given away, giving, granting, gratuitous, imparting, openhanded, philanthropic, presenting, providing, supplying
Associated concepts: donative intent, donative trust
See also: gift, gratuity, largess, present, tip
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Togel, however, was not so consistent as to denounce his own government's election-year donatives.
Secondly, consideration may be explained as a mechanism that distinguishes between donatives and gratuitous promises on the one hand and mutual exchanges of promises on the other.
Families could even regard having a male member in the legions as a kind of "survival strategy" of its own because they could send home pay, plunder, and donatives.