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The Blood Transfusion Services and Research Center in Sharjah is a part of the International Network for Bone Marrow Donators which considers Europe as its main location under the title "BMDW".
BERLIN -- The first of a new class of drugs, cyclooxygenase-inhibiting nitric-oxide donators, had efficacy similar to rofecoxib for pain relief in osteoarthritis but was not associated withelevations in systolic blood pressure.
It is well known that novolacs were crosslinked by melamine derivatives in the presence of a proton donator.
Five Bulgarian companies have been awarded by the Bulgarian Donators Forum for biggest corporate donators in 2010.
Yet Glasgow Royal Infirmary tell us they have only ONE official donator on their register.
MAY I through your letters page thank all those people of Middlesbrough who assistedwith the Poppy Appeal 2012 whether they were a collector or donator everyone who helped has so far raised PS36,871.
Izet Zeqiri from RDK stated that the Government wanted to engage partisan and not independent persons in this institute and therefore the funds from the donator went under.
Michelle Guy, owner of Signature Cafe and donator of the beans, said: "We hope everybody will turn up and dig deep.
They will enjoy fine wines from the private cellar of chef and prize donator Albert Roux, as well as Lumley's company.
However the tax implications for the donator are anything but clear, I doubt whether all members of the public understand how this can affect your tax if you are unlucky enough to have to complete a Tax Return.
The Finnish investment company Menire Oyj has signed an agreement to invest SEK5m in the Swedish application service provider Donator AB.