done for effect

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I'll make it up to her a thousand times over, and beg her pardon for thinking it might be done for effect," Dr.
There's a plot of sorts -- both sides looking for a list that reveals the identities of Cold War spies, including a notorious double agent known as 'Satchel' -- but there's still a very decadent feel to Atomic Blonde , a sense that everything here is being done for effect ('a means to an end').
This is done for effect, because some viewers love those unnaturally insightful, overly verbose and highly quotable lines.
But at least it was a swear word not just done for effect.
But the man who tips the scales at a fighting weight of 19st 7lbs insisted the insult was done for effect - an old-school wind-up made of the most basic ingredients.
A US counter-proliferation official said Washington had seen evidence that some parts had been moved back to their original Yongbyon site but described this as "mostly symbolic, mostly done for effect in response to the negotiations".
It's all done for effect owing to the fact I didn't have a story, so they had to make me into an interesting character.
Just as in the way he pathetically kisses the Hammers badge, it was surely done for effect, to prove he's so immersed in West Ham it would be a criminal act to discard him.
Diana's traits were very present in Barrymore's interview and it is highly possible they were done for effect.