done quickly

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What he could guess, however, was that the moment the two officers came within firing distance of the beast they would put an end to him in short order unless something were done and done quickly to prevent.
Edmond, being consulted, was of opinion that the island afforded every possible security, and that great enterprises to be well done should be done quickly.
During the day he left the parsonage, for what he had to complete he wished to get done quickly.
He was only wishing that the fellow would get done quickly.
Demoralization was spreading; something must be done, and done quickly, too.
If anything was to be done to save Dejah Thoris it must be done quickly, for, were she not already dead, her end must soon come, since those whom Issus chose lived but a single year.
But when an act of injustice is to be done, especially by weak people, it is best that it should be done quickly, and Emmy thought she was displaying a great deal of firmness and proper feeling and veneration for the late Captain Osborne in her present behaviour.
He has fantastic experience of getting things done in the transfer market and, hopefully, we can get them done quickly.
I will be on to this to ensure justice is done and that it is done quickly.
31 ( ANI ): Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi on Friday assured that the investigation in the case concerning the death of a student from Arunachal Pradesh will be done quickly, adding that the culprits will be brought to book.
Sometimes with deals, you have to get them done quickly.