done with skill

See: artful
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But, while First Life may see Sir David jetting around the world - it is done with skill, exploration and education as its focus.
It's everyday stuff, sure, but it's done with skill and relentless momentum.
3 : done with skill <The skier made a dexterous jump.>
It is done with skill and, not surprisingly, the early band developed their sound playing Rolling Stones songs.
'Art can be anything which is done with skill. So photography is an art, but it's not fine art.
Either way, when done with skill the telemark turn seems to enthrall spectators and other skiers alike.
High-speed motoring is safe if done with skill and responsibility.
However, when one sees painting done with skill and conviction, as in the cases of Charles Garabedian, Donald Baechler, and especially Kerry James Marshall, one not only realizes how cynica this is, but also how easily theory can become a justification for a new academicism.