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David Penn from Shortland Horne with John Barrett, Jeff Donely and Tony Joyce
REPORTING FOR DUTY: (from left) Stevie Donely, Katie Yuan, Imogen Foley, Harvey Gilbert, Riley O'Sullivan, Amina Hamad, Alex Harbaruk, Abbie Medforth and Mahmud Afandiyev taking part in 11 Million Takeover Day
Division Three: Dunlop A (7pts) 132 (Kirsty Welland 21-2, Debbie Welland 21-15, Jean Last 21-6, Liz Wade 21-10, Helen Flynn 2115) Bell Green B (2pts) 90 (Rita Ross 21-9, Dawn Sharman 21-18); Old Coventrians A (2pts) 93 (Margaret Wilkins 21-8, Emilie Jones 21-18) Copsewood B (8pts) 131 (Gail Livermore 21-16, Anthea Thompson 21-5, Linda Warmington 21-5, Heather Wood 2114, Carol Mills 21-11); Bulkington (8pts) 138 (Sadie Claridge 21-11, Jayne Pope 21-13, Ann Donely w/o, Delsie Greasley 21-17, Joan Box 21-10, Thelma Orberson 21-19) Standard B (1pt) 91 (Isa Millington 21-12).
Division Three: Bell Green B (7pts) 114 (Hilda Butler 21-8, Rita Ross w/o, Margaret Gale 21-14, Dawn Sharman 21-11, Sue Wyllie 21-8) Copsewood B (2pts) 83 (Linda Warmington 21-2, Moira Rogers 21-7); Standard B (6pts) 125 (Isa Millington 21-11, Sandra Kerby 21-8, Marion Adams 21-12, Jeanne Thomas 21-7) Potters Green (3pts) 101 (Sarah Burton 21-12, Emma Allen 21-17, Pam Barnett 21-12); Old Coventrians A (1pt) 90 (Pam Harrison 21-8) Bulkington (9pts) 134 (Anne Donely 21-17, Thelma Orberson 21-19, Angela Shilton 21-9, Sadie Claridge 21-7, Jane Pope 21-4, Joan Box 21-13).
Enterprising Coventry stepped in to support business owners John Barrett, Jeff Donely and Tony Joyce, keeping jobs in the city, when RETAINING JOBS.
In Division Three, Bulkington were at Kenilworth B where they won 8-2 with top cards from Ann Donely 21-7, Joan Box 21-8 and Angela Shilton 21-9, the homesters fighting back with replies from Angie Mcmenemy 21-6 and Joyce Blair 21-16.
Division Three: Bulkington (9pts) 147 (Joan Box 21-6, Sadie Claridge 21-16, Gill Heatley w/o, Anne Donely w/o, Thelma Orberson 21-8, Jayne Pope 21-8, Angela Shilton 21-16) Dunlop A (0pts) 54.
Guy Donely, aged 55, who now lives in Manchester but is originally from Coventry, said: "I come back to Coventry a lot and I read about the appeal in the Coventry Telegraph so I made a donation and Lonnie invited me down today.
Jeff Donely, of Paragon Auto Testing, John Barrett, of Canvas & Ropes, and Tony Joyce, of Coventry Mechanical Services, have formed Bodmoor Properties Ltd to buy the units in the New Inn Bridge Industrial Estate in Foleshill Road for pounds 429,000 .
Front): Alan Donely, Bill Newall, Bob Cookson, Terry Brown, Bob Anderson.
Line up: Back row: Gary Donely (linesman), Noel Rogers, Alan Blundy, John Banbrook, Pete Avery, Steve Brown, John Unitt, Sid Barriball (manager).