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DUNGEON. A cell under ground; a place in a prison built under ground, dark, or but indifferently lighted. In the prisons of the United States, there are few or no dungeons.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The obtained results of DRAGON 4 and DONJON 4 codes coupling shows higher accuracy than WIMS/CITATION codes as observed.
Il nous recut fort cordialement et nous mena au << Donjon >>, qu'un petit jardin separe de sa chambre.
Three buildings make up the donjon de Diane (castle-keep of Diane) which contains the palaces of Venus and Mercury and is governed by the third and richest palace, devoted to Diane and the moon.
(190) Despite his all too ready disparagement of things Portuguese, Phillips does not really mean to say "dungeon" here, but "donjon" in the sense of "medieval castle keep", highlighting the structure's alien and outdated traits.
John Witte Jr., executive vice president of the New Jersey-based salvage outfit Donjon Marine Co., is skeptical.
In March of 2005, the company announced the formation of a wholly owned subsidiary and a joint venture agreement with Donjon Marine Inc.
--to scenes from the life of Saint William de Donjon, Archbishop of Bourges (d.
While one of the words most commonly identified with castles is `keep', the term is virtually unknown in medieval documentation where the term donjon was generally used.