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When Don heard those calls, which most others might have considered implausible or even impossible, he responded with an emphatic "yes." One of Don's favorite sayings is from Alfred North Whitehead: "Without the high hope of adventure, religion degenerates into a mere appendage of a comfortable life."
For the past 10 years the Indiana Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (IAHSA) has conducted a retreat for DONs, says Barb Pantos of that agency's office.
Don - whose neighbours say he's forgetful and short-sighted like cartoon character Mr Magoo - got as far as the main road before being stopped.
Tracy once told me a story about her alma mater and a professor--or a don, as they are known in England --whom she suspected was not paying much attention as she read her essays aloud during their weekly one-on-one tutorials.
The DON often feels the need to slide under the table at care plan meetings that she mistakenly joined and then realized "the family from hell" was attending.
Peck: Do you think, as some have suggested, that PPS has hastened the process of DONs assuming more managerial control?
There is much more "collaboration to survive" among DONs, RNs, physicians and consultant pharmacists, as well.
Our job as nurses, DONs or administrators is not to advise them what to decide; nor is it to bombard them with our own moral judgments (although they should be asked whether they've considered every aspect of the decision).
Some DONs already possess this degree of clinical skill, such as those who began their nursing careers in areas such as critical care.
If, like most DONs, you're in that 40-something age group, you went through a two or three-year education program in the 1970s that didn't even begin to cover budgets, regulations, management skills, or the "how to's" of functioning within a turbulent health care system.