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DOOR. The place of usual entrance in a house, or into a room in the house.
     2. To authorize the breach of an outer door in order to serve process, the process must be of a criminal nature; and even then a demand of admittance must first have been refused. 5 Co. 93; 4 Leon. 41; T. Jones, 234; 1 N. H. Rep. 346; 10 John. 263; 1 Root, 83 , 134; 21 Pick. R. 156. The outer door may also be broken open for the purpose of executing a writ of habere facias. 5 Co. 93; Bac. Ab. Sheriff, N. 3.
     3. An outer door cannot in general be broken for the purpose of serving civil process; 13 Mass. 520; but after the defendant has been arrested, and he takes refuge in his own house, the officer may justify breaking an outer door to take him. Foster, 320; 1 Roll. R. 138; Cro. Jac. 555.; 10 Wend. 300; 6 Hill, N. Y. Rep. 597. When once an officer is in the house, he may break open an inner door to make an arrest. Kirby, 386 5 John. 352; 17 John. 127, See 1 Toull. n. 214, p. 88.

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After door-to-door verification the said lists shall be displayed at designated display centers, offices of District Election Commissioners, Registration Officers and Assistant Registration Officers for public inspection, he added.
Mohammed Ali said that since India allows such door-to-door parcel service only at New Delhi airport, clearance and delivery expenses to the southern states have increased due to high transportation cost.
Is there an occupation that's worse than a door-to-door salesman?
Firms which still collect door-to-door include CIS and Royal London, which also owns Refuge and United Friendly.
The optional Door-to-Door Service is free, and policyholders pay only the cost of the rental car if it isn't covered fully by their policy.
PowerTrack contract carriers handle the material door-to-door.
From door-to-door route guidance and locating the nearest site or service to regular map CD updates and assistance, drivers can rely on NavTech to be there for them.
During the Annual Revision of Electoral Rolls campaign, voters who have become disqualified (deaths/cancelled CNICs) will also be excluded from the rolls after their door-to-door verification process, said Additional Director General Public Relations of the Commission while talking to reporter on Tuesday.
ISLAMABAD -- Health department Rawalpindi has fired 46 contractual employees of anti-dengue campaign who were meant to conduct door-to-door survey in the city.
DOOR-TO-DOOR campaigners have recruited 700 supporters for a North East volunteer first aid service.