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DOOR. The place of usual entrance in a house, or into a room in the house.
     2. To authorize the breach of an outer door in order to serve process, the process must be of a criminal nature; and even then a demand of admittance must first have been refused. 5 Co. 93; 4 Leon. 41; T. Jones, 234; 1 N. H. Rep. 346; 10 John. 263; 1 Root, 83 , 134; 21 Pick. R. 156. The outer door may also be broken open for the purpose of executing a writ of habere facias. 5 Co. 93; Bac. Ab. Sheriff, N. 3.
     3. An outer door cannot in general be broken for the purpose of serving civil process; 13 Mass. 520; but after the defendant has been arrested, and he takes refuge in his own house, the officer may justify breaking an outer door to take him. Foster, 320; 1 Roll. R. 138; Cro. Jac. 555.; 10 Wend. 300; 6 Hill, N. Y. Rep. 597. When once an officer is in the house, he may break open an inner door to make an arrest. Kirby, 386 5 John. 352; 17 John. 127, See 1 Toull. n. 214, p. 88.

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Taxpayers think doorknob hangers or blank receipts are sufficient information to complete the return.
MIWA LOCK designed and manufactured the RedTacton-equipped doorknob.
The Diamond Doorknob should appeal to fans of Southern Literature, Native American Literature, Women's Studies and well-crafted tales of any kind.
The family phone was on the wall near Maxine's doorknob in the hall.
Cheer a friend or welcome a new neighbor with a posy bag on her doorknob as a special surprise.
Where the sheet meets the doorknob, cut out an "X" just large enough for the knob to slip through.
MariJo Moore, Cherokee/Irish/Dutch, is editor of Genocide of the Mind: New Native Writings, author of Red Woman With Backward Eyes and Other Stories, and the novel The Diamond Doorknob.
That's my story," confirms Savage, "at least until the statute of limitations on doorknob licking runs out.
Another option is the Leveron Doorknob Adapter that converts a round knob into a levered handle.
Now consider an alternative scenario conceived by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge: the bug lands on the doorknob and dies.
There has not been an actual network break-in at the college for two years, but the doorknob turning is becoming more determined.
Her primary evidence is Fodor's answer to the question: why is it that we typically acquire the concept DOORKNOB as a result of experiencing typical doorknobs (as opposed to grandmothers, balloons, or what have you)?