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It says to remove the doormat immediately but if they want to dispose of it, they can.
The doormats will appeal to both the modernist and traditionalist, according to Entryways.
Today, the Philippines has the distinction of becoming a doormat as China strengthens its military might and might soon overrun us.
It's my doorstep and my doormat," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.
What kind of impoverishment does it take to notice the existence of doormats to begin with, and steal used doormats from state housing?
Det Con Steve Tarver, said: "The owner slid the key under the doormat for his girlfriend - but not long after he left for work it was taken and the burglars simply let themselves in.
Doormats are not only a way to prevent dirt in your house, but can also be a way to express your personality, hobbies or sense of style.
This cute sausage dog doormat is pounds 15 from Paperchase.
They removed the carpet and doormat outside the ground floor flat of 85-year-old Mary Finn.
This, in case you missed it, is a "stationery" which means he has stood still on his doormat in the middle of Station Road in Ashington for eight hours a day for the past seven days.