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Except that actually, underneath the bumbling fool, he's not that dopey.
uk p14 Voice of the Sunday People DOPEY Rhys Ifans pops out for a beer clutching a bunch of flowers - then leaves them behind.
The 23-year-old feared that Dopey could develop anxiety and behavioural problems.
from left) Dopey, Sneezy, Sleepy, Grump, Bashful, Happy and Doc meet their namesakes.
I amhowever, quite sure their appreciation would grow having been trapped somewhere and found by that dopey dog.
TONIC: SnowWhite and Dopey cheer up patient Zac Dean, aged 3, during their visit to Alder hey hospital Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY
Snow White and Dopey with Alder Hey patient Zac Dean, from Chester Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY/ at240310ddisney-1
DOPEY Milan keeper Marco Storari has crocked himself trying to copy Rene Higuita's scorpion-kick save.
1 : lacking alertness and activity : sluggish <I feel dopey first thing in the morning.
It's of no benefit to anyone when these cut-price cops, when faced with a real-life emergency, do nothing but stand around like two dopey redcoats from a holiday camp, until the real police turn up to take action, albeit too late for all concerned.
Instead, the droopy mammoth Manny (voiced by Ray Romano), the caustic saber-toothed tiger Diego (Denis Leary) and the dopey sloth Sid (John Leguizamo) have figured out the doomsayers are right and the glaciers are melting.
This is harder than it sounds but, basically, here's the plan: You have to work together to create a "newfound" friendship by forgiving and forgetting dopey slights and fights.