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As a double act they were about as funny a toothache, but after Mike's death, Bernie prolonged the agony of audiences by carrying on with a dog almost as dopey looking as himself as his prop.
He came across as a vague, dopey upper class twit who didn't have the first clue about dogs - not good when you're presenting the world's most prestigious dog show.
And, in what may be social commentary on how tone-deaf Washington and Hollywood are - or what might simply be a dopey ploy to force some bald exposition - the film manages to place its main characters at a posh gala while destruction ravages the planet.
This basic scenario has fueled movies as disparate as John Ford's Western 3 Godfathers, the dopey hit Three Men and a Baby, and the recent animated comedy Ice Age.
CONGLETON Tory MP Ann Winterton, the female Bernard Manning in the House of Commons shadow pantomime, has been Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy and less than Snow White and I am not Bashful to say that I wasn't happy over her appalling ``racist jokes'' and this lady clearly needs to see a Doc.
PUBLIC school prat Nick Bateman was finally rumbled by his dopey rivals in BIG BROTHER and ejected from the house.
Unwilling to devote a sentence to embodying Barthes' sexual preferences, Calvet spends half a page retailing an episode in which some dopey hanger-on asks Barthes whether he would ever consider making an exception to them - say, if Julia Kristeva were willing.
A DOPEY eBay seller sent four grenades through the post - just days after Britain was taken off the highest terror threat level.
Still, this was a ticklishly tongue-incheek take on the dopey toff and his giant forehead (both well portrayed by Cold Feet's Robert Bathurst) and his failed Coup in Equatorial Guinea.
Silly and sublime, it's a festival of postmodern wiliness in which writer-director Shane Black lampoons the hard-boiled fiction that he loves, the dopey buddy-cop movies he made his fortune writing and the idiocies of the show-business culture that's been so good to him.
Man-mad Lucy Archer lost dopey Danny - and the sex-crazed chef lost the part of his anatomy that caused most trouble.
The early birds dashed out in a black cab and might have gone relatively unnoticed if it hadn't have been for dopey Pete playing the tramp, slugging away on his vino in the middle of the road.