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Unfortunately the body double will probably need his own doppelganger to attend the meetings which clash with other meetings I won't be attending.
Out of the 30 doppelganger domains they set up, Wired said only one organization noticed when the researchers registered the fake domain name, and only two senders out of the entire 120,000 e-mails said they had noticed the mistake.
Witness Heine's poem set by Franz Schubert, in which the speaker cries in horror against "you, doppelganger, you pale mate.
YOUR letter last week comparing Masterchef's Gregg Wallace to Mr Potato Head made me laugh - but I reckon fellow judge, Aussie chef John Torode, is also a doppelganger.
Basado en la magnifica novela de Christopher Priest, experto en dedalos literarios --ahi estan La afirmacion y El glamour--, el quinto largometraje de Nolan es un anillo de Moebius que acude a la rivalidad entre dos magos (Christian Bale y Hugh Jackman) para reactivar algunos mecanismos narrativos del siglo XIX y dar un nuevo cariz a la figura del doppelganger, gracias entre otras cosas a la presencia del visionario Nikola Tesla (David Bowie).
The victims of Nnamani's doppelganger were saved at the last minute when they called one of the phone numbers on his official website.
Jean Paul used the Doppelganger to argue against the attempt to unify a particular subject and its transcendental subjectivity, so that the Doppelganger allows for a finite infinite--a temporality of the present which does not concede primacy to the future.
Hint: Think of a doppelganger who doesn't have such a nice personality.
Our competition has caught readers' imaginations with entries as varied as Baby Spice, a Welsh Jonny Wilkinson, Christiano Ronaldo's doppelganger, and several budding Hensons.
No wonder he was delighted when a Claymation Moby doppelganger was featured prominently on a Saturday Night Live "TV Funhouse" segment last year: In a Christmas-special sketch, Santa threatened to cut off red-state children entirely because "a lump of coal is too good for hicks who hate nice queers like Moby.
Of this year's pictures, Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Doppelganger was a standout.
Only trouble was he brought his doppelganger Lee Carsley with him just to confuse us.