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Stop The Stink Sponge - The college student wants the dorm room to smell as great as it looks.
Once the new dorm is finished, the UO will "continue the cycle of renovations, half a large residence hall at a time," Griffel said.
55 million mortgage and security agreement to Dolphin Dorms LLC, led by partners Wallace Devlin, based in Ponte Vedra Beach, and Micah Linton, of Lake City.
There appears to be a clear relationship between ventilation rate and common cold infections among college students in dorm rooms.
Residents of the dorm designed its floor plan, negating the need for bunking the beds.
The lack of use in dorms has started to spread to administration offices for numerous colleges, and Guy Clinch, Avaya's director of solutions for government and education, notes that it's likely more institutions in the future will simply hand their faculty cell phones rather than give them office extensions.
Indeed, exclusive Dorm HQ-branded home products peppered the store and catalog mix.
Over the next few weeks, we could barely stand to be in the dorm room with each other.
The stories, which focus on Eimi and her dorm mates, are light and enjoyable.
Walking into my new home, a small dorm room crowded with plain furniture and off-white walls, I met Erica, a curly haired Jewish girl from South Miami Beach, Florida.
The court held that evidence was sufficient to create a fact issue for the jury as to whether officials disregarded risk to the inmate by assigning the assailant to a low-security dorm and allowing him to remain there following his weapons conviction in a prison disciplinary system.