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was with Clementi in the college freshman's dorm room the night of September 19, 2010 when Dharun Ravi used his webcam to peek for a few seconds at the two men kissing.
It is almost indestructible, withstanding neglect, low light and low humidity -- conditions often found in dorm rooms. Cast iron plants grow very slowly to 2 feet tall so purchase the largest plant the space allows.
Great dorm room setups can be purchased on the Facebook resale page called Dorm Room Facebook Yardsale.
Twin XL Dorm Bedding is incredibly important to a college dorm room. Not only does the college student need a lot of comfort from the Twin XL Comforter, but the college student also wants a lot of style to create a high impact dorm room decor.
DormCo has created a new Stop the Stink Odor Absorbing Sponge that will help the college dorm room feel like a home away from home.
These days, creativity shown in dorm rooms goes far beyond plastic bins and matching bedspreads.
I returned to my dorm room during my freshman year at Seton Hall University in northern New Jersey to discover that I had become the victim of a hate crime.
For $8,500, a student can rent a dorm room here for the school year.
It's never too early to start picking out styles of bedding for a college dorm room.
Preparing for college life means lots of things to a student, and at the top of the list is transforming a dorm room into the quintessential "home-away-from-home."
"The dorm room tax is one of the things that we're assessing," said Rep.
These controls allow managers to monitor dorm room temperatures, adjust temperatures from a computer screen, and track trends.