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In addition to expanding their 2014 product line up with Microfridge appliances, DormSmart has been busy broadening their inventory for college bound students with proven brands such as steel storage trunks by Stanley Case Works USA, twin XL bedding by Luxor Treasures, dorm room safes by Sentry, Graduate Series Twin XL Loft Bed Furniture by University Loft Company, and the new and improved Sortasack Laundry Back Pack, to name a few.
was with Clementi in the college freshman's dorm room the night of September 19, 2010 when Dharun Ravi used his webcam to peek for a few seconds at the two men kissing.
Mississippi State University student Keaton Farmer first saw her bare dorm room last year during freshman orientation.
Even before Cathy Lou heads to UC San Diego this fall to study architecture, the 18-year-old from Calabasas has been thinking a lot about the decor of her dorm room, down to a corkboard picture-collage of her friends.
Bed Bath & Beyond was also pushing its Longview by Nautica bedding collection as suitable for the dorm room.
Yet, I was very uncomfortable literally knocking on dorm room doors, as I had been asked to do, and share the Christian message with my fellow students.
INDIANAPOLIS -- As students and their families prepare for the upcoming school year, Indianapolis-based appliance and electronics leader hhgregg (NYSE:HGG) today released its list of "must have" electronics for the classroom and the dorm room.
A shower caddy will not only provide dorm room storage for bathroom accessories, it will also make carrying those dorm items a lot easier.
Entitled "Anatomy of a College Dorm Room," the infographic highlights the basic essentials that every student needs to achieve the ideal campus housing experience.
It was contained to a dorm room and did an estimated $15,000 damage.
Dorm room phones, once a solid revenue stream of long distance charges, now rarely ring, and IHEs either don't necessarily provide landline handsets or may not even have the service installed in new buildings.
If you're looking for an easy 8-step program to create a healthier lifestyle, THE DORM ROOM DIET: THE 8-STEP PROGRAM FOR CREATING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THAT REALLY WORKS is for you.