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If sold on the shelf, it would be Dormancy Extreme.
Fonacier said the basic deposit account will have no maintaining balance and no dormancy fees.
The bolls on these sticks should also be destroyed before February end as 80 per cent of these bolls contain pink bollworm undergoing winter dormancy.
In forestry practice, it is desirable to obtain homogeneity, both in size and time in the production of seedlings of forest species, especially those presenting seeds with a high degree of dormancy, a shared characteristic among many forest species.
Dormancy is a natural mechanism that allocates the germination through the time to promote and guarantee the species survival in the environment (FERREIRA et al.
The BSP said banks must give three notices to dormant accounts: potential dormancy prior to the commencement of the dormancy period; charging of dormancy fee; and escheat of account pursuant to the Unclaimed Balances Act.
Experts said that mango plants go into dormancy during winter season and support from farmers to enable plants negotiate this phase successfully was as important for production as application of water, micronutrient, and adoption of curative and preventive techniques against diseases and pests.
These results were expressed as a percentage; 'Dormant seeds'--The presence of seed dormancy was evaluated using the tetrazolium test described by the Rules for Seed Testing (Mapa, 2009) for Brachiaria seeds and was calculated using the number of remaining viable seeds from the germination test; 'Electrical conductivity'--The electrical conductivity of the seed soaking solution was measured using the 'Bulk Conductivity' test that was carried out using four subsamples of 50 seeds, weighed to at least two decimal places.
In overcoming dormancy, GA3 is widely used to break seed dormancy of various plant species, when treatment with high concentrations of GA is effective in overcoming dormancy and causing rapid germination of seed [17] Gibberellic acid ([GA.
We define dormancy as a state in which seed germination does not take place even when the favorable environmental factors (temperature, moisture, light/dark etc.
Property is not considered abandoned until the dormancy period expires; this varies by state and type of property held.