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2] had cited that the henbane seeds have a low germination rate under normal laboratory conditions and to break dormancy in his study, he had treated henbane seeds in GA3 (250mg/l) for 48h and after 3 days, 90% of seeds germinated.
Dormancy is one of the remarkable traits evolved in seeds that synchronize germination with the most favorable season for seedling survival (Vleeshouwers et al.
Note that a plant may be in third-stage dormancy in its twigs, second-stage dormancy in its branches, while the trunk is still in only the first stage.
Mango trees usually go into dormancy from Nov to Jan during which their growth stops and food (Carbohydrates) is stored in their leaf.
Dormancy may be virtually eliminated with innovative construction, such as replacing O-ring seals with new T-shaped seals, which present a much smaller surface area at the point of contact.
podagraria seed embryos are also underdeveloped at maturity and require cold stratification for embryo growth and the breaking of dormancy (Vandelook et al.
Increased legislative activity has also resulted in the enactment of shorter statutory dormancy periods.
2005), which probably is associated with lack of physical dormancy that has been seen in other species of Opuntia (Orozco-Segovia et al.
Even those that think they are "technically" in compliance may be under-reporting because they are not reporting all property types, fail to take into consideration property that may be outsourced to a third party (such as securities or payroll), or are applying the wrong dormancy period.
With a growing number of cancer survivors, we need to understand better the twin processes of tumor dormancy and metastatic cancer recurrence.
The problem with rhubarb is that it usually requires a period of dormancy and, consequently, after harvesting in spring and early summer, leaf production tails off rapidly.