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Latent; inactive; silent. That which is dormant is not used, asserted, or enforced.

A dormant partner is a member of a partnership who has a financial interest yet is silent, in that he or she takes no control over the business. The partner's identity is secret because the individual is unknown to the public.


adjective abeyant, asleep, at rest, deactivated, hibernating, iacere, in abeyance, in suspense, inactive, inert, inoperative, latent, passive, quiet, resting, sleeping, slumbering, smoldering, static, still, suspended, torpid, unaroused, unawakened, unwakened
Associated concepts: dormant case, dormant corporation, dormant judgment, dormant partner, dormant powers, dormant season
See also: dead, inactive, insensible, lifeless, otiose, passive, potential, stagnant, static, torpid
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The local media reported that the volcano, located on the Kadovar Island, situated in north-eastern Papua New Guinea, lay dormant until yesterday when it began to erupt at around noon.
The minister said she was grateful to the financial institutions involved in the Dormant Accounts Scheme.
The independent Dormant Assets Commission, which has just issued its final report to the Government, found untapped assets in products such as unclaimed insurance policies and pensions.
Yet, tracking exactly which molecules the dormant retinal cells produced led to some exciting results.
Capcom didn't specify which of its dormant titles are going to make their return, but these will most likely be franchises that haven't been given any sequels or updates in the last several years.
The accounts hold tens of millions of Swiss francs lying dormant for at least 60 years.
Depositors shall also be notified at least 60 days before the start of proceedings for escheat or the transfer of unclaimed dormant deposits to the National Treasurer.
Option 1: 2 sets of windows and fixed frame in white PVC with preservation of dormant,
But RBS mistakenly told customers that they did not hold dormant accounts with the bank.
The Comptroller appealed to the Court of Appeals (Maryland's highest state court), which affirmed the circuit court's decision and found that the failure to provide a credit against the county income tax violated the dormant Commerce Clause because it discriminated against interstate commerce (Maryland Comptroller v.
At present, the State Bank of India does not charge a penalty on dormant accounts.
Researchers at UCLA's Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research have discovered a mechanism by which certain adult stem cells suppress their ability to initiate skin cancer during their dormant phase--an understanding that could be exploited for better cancer-prevention strategies.