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Using this modification, the dorsal half of the transversely split urethral fold is retracted caudally, under tension, for 4 to 5 cm, to cover the submucosa of the dorsal aspect of the cranial portion of the urethral extension.
Sixty to seventy percent of ganglion cysts are found within the dorsal aspect of the wrist and communicate with the joint via a pedicle, which contains a tortuous lumen, connecting the cyst to the underlying joint.
The shape comparison of the dorsal aspect of the skull using parametric tests with Procrustes and Mahalanobis distances and T-square test yield a significant difference between the mean shapes of males and females (p<0.05).
In atrophic luetic glossitis, the dorsal aspect of the tongue assumes a smooth and shiny aspect due to atrophy of filiform and fungiform papillae, often with areas of leukoplakia presenting as a homogenous white patch (syphilitic leukoplakia) [1, 27, 28].
The term NDDH gives the false impression that this disease is strictly located on the dorsal aspect of the hands, which is not always the case, as demonstrated in this report.
(8) The dorsal aspects of the hand and foot were not examined in that study.
He complained of mild pain radiating from the knee to the ankle and numbness affecting the dorsal aspect of his left foot.
Diaphragmatic wall had 6 cm left-sided vertically oriented rent in the dorsal aspect with gravid uterine and a 2 cm right-sided vertically oriented in the middle of the diaphragm with liver lobe and gall bladder herniation.
In an attempt to better understand the degree of protection provided by the sleeve, we determined its material properties by appending weight discs (2.5-15 kg, in steps of 2.5 kg) to its dorsal aspect and measuring the resulting elongation.
In the dorsal aspect of the hand, the digital branches of the extensor digitorum (ED) tendon trifurcate distal to the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint.
It provides cutaneous sensory innervation to the lateral aspect of the leg and dorsum of the foot and sensation to the dorsal aspect of all the toes except the lateral aspect of the fifth toe and an area between the first and second toe.

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