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1) reported six patients with a dermatosis limited almost entirely to the dorsal aspects of the hands resembling Sweet's syndrome (SS) but differing histologically by the presence of leukocytoclastic vasculitis.
On examination he was found to have tense swelling over the proximal dorsal aspect of his forearm, with severe pain on passive flexion of his wrist and fingers.
In the left leg, two ulcers with the same characteristics were present over the medial malleolus and the dorsal aspect of the foot (Figure 1B).
On examination, there was a hole burnt through his gloves and the surgeon had sustained a small full thickness burn to the dorsal aspect of the first web space (Fig.
The ductus deferens is a tortuous tubule, which originates in the epididymis on the dorsal aspect of the testis, runs alongside the ureter, across the dorsal aspect of the coelom, and penetrates the dorsal wall of the urodeum, where it forms the short papilla of the ductus deferens.
From dorsal aspect, AER more or less procurved, PER straight and AER slightly smaller than PER.
Embedded in areolar tissue the thoracic dorsal rami accompanied by arteries and veins passes over the dorsal aspect of the multifidus muscle covered by fibres of semispinalis (Chua & Bogduk 1995).
The dorsal aspect of his hands and feet had a wrinkled cigarette paper-like appearance.
The post-auricular nerve goes to the occipital region, and a branch to the dorsal aspect of the auricle is present.

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