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Writing programming code for DOS was relatively easy, so the cost of market entry was low.
One big reason for going with a Windows program over a DOS one is ease of use.
Custom/QC for DOS and Windows provides off-line SPC/SQC charting and analysis including EWMA, regression, and ANOVA.
For the same reason, current DOS users should migrate to Windows as soon as possible.
Unless the DOS and Windows versions are engineered so they can share the same client database, the return to the DOS version may not be easy--especially under April 15 deadline pressure.
Microsoft Corporation's Windows is a windows program which runs DOS software.
A-Plus-Tax offers a comprehensive DOS product line achieving integration between the federal and multiple state modules by requiring the user to code specific data on the federal screens.
Cold River Software (formerly Digitax) will market a Windows version called Veritax, while retaining Digitax as a DOS program.
When Microsoft announced the imminent launch of a new Windows operating system two years ago, Windows boosters were quick to predict that DOS was dead.
It will be not only a different environment but also a new operating system--one that completely replaces DOS.
To create a live link with spreadsheet data in WordPerfect for DOS, select File, Text In, Spreadsheet and Create Link.
One issue sure to kindle protectionist passions among people currently engaged in federal research and development (R&D) is how much applied research--the "D" in R&D--a DOS should undertake.