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The dosage was an important factor affecting electrochemical fingerprints of Radix Paeoniae Alba.
Our formulation development and clinical manufacturing capabilities can support a variety of oral solid and liquid dosage forms suitable for pediatric applications, such as granules produced using fluid bed technology and mini-tablets that can be packaged into stick packs, powder in bottles for reconstitution, and our liquid products, which are typically oral solutions and suspensions that can also be time release-based," said Lee Karras, chief executive officer, Halo Pharma.
At lower dosages, the drug occupies only a fraction of the receptors, allowing the endogenous neurotransmitters to continue interacting with their receptors, thereby magnifying the signal of that receptor above baseline.
The choice of coagulants and coagulant dosage depends on raw water quality, which varies from one reservoir to another, on the occurrence of rains or alga blooms.
The failure rate of dosage calculation in this course demanded a new approach to instruction that would increase critical thinking and assist students with the transfer of theoretical knowledge to clinical practice.
6 mg dosage, after having received final clearance of the REMS material.
In a regression model that adjusted for all measured baseline differences, patients treated with at least half of the recommended dosage had an incidence of mortality or heart failure hospitalization during an average 40 months of follow-up that was 33% below the rate among patients on lower beta-blocker dosages, a statistically significant difference.
research team funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, launched a study in January 2007 to collect pharmacokinetic data and determine the optimal oseltamivir dosage for children less than 2 years old.
former Commissioner, FDA, and visiting Senior Fellow at the AEI--Brookings Joint Center; topics of discussion include contemporary approaches to dosage form design, in-vivo/in-vitro correlation issues, process design and scale-up, as well as regulatory, legal, and market demographics discussion points related to controlled release dosage forms.
The reevaluation results shows that the optimal dosage of sultpiride is up to 1010-1730 mg per day, higher than the currently prescribed amount.
Greg Bengtson, global leader for Compozil, Eka Chemicals' nanoparticle system for the wet end, said that retention is best controlled by closing the loop with on-line monitoring and controlling whitewater solids with C-PAM dosage.
The present study examined the effects of two modes of instruction (computer-based and print-based) and the presence or absence of graphics on students' drug dosage calculation performance and self-efficacy beliefs with 56 undergraduate nursing students.