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Next, the 'Better' category features the Rancilio Silvia and Rocky Doser grinder combination for the semi-automatic option ($1079) and the Jura Ena 3 for the super-automatic option ($899).
This is likely due, at least in part, to increases in price controls on other health care services by payers; doser scrutiny of inpatient care quality by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations; lack of federal and state regulations; lack of formal references for usual and customary pricing; and lack of familiarity with new health care delivery settings, technology, and protocols among insurance claims reviewers and case managers.
A third observation from table 2 is that the acceleration in distribution network activity was strikingly dose to that in goods, structures, and services combined; further, it was doser to the combined acceleration than to the acceleration in any one sector.
The operator used Quality Manager's comment area to write that he thought the next larger tool size would reduce his variability, get him doser to nominal, and get him away from the tolerance limit.
At the end of the day," he said, "the footrace on regulatory oversight has gotten doser.
The message [of our culture] is to stay young as long as possible, dress and feel young, be fit," says Sister Sarah Doser, F.
Similarly, the final weight is each time compared with the average of the previous eight cartons, and the doser fine-tuned to ensure a final carton weight of as close to 25 kilograms as possible.
we're far doser to doing the research enterprises that we need.
Steve Doser, annual fund director at the 1,150-student Cornell College (Iowa), says Campuscall has stimulated a significant increase in donor gifts.
Som en jEnmfE[micro]relse, representerar tvEN doser dacarbazine fE[micro]ljt av lENgdos Multiferon(R) i sex mENnader en betydande minskning av den totala behandlingstiden och av kostnaden fE[micro]r behandlingen.