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I went in to get it with the purpose of weighing out doses. I stretched my hand with the feeling of a man reaching for an unfailing panacea, took up a fresh bottle and unrolled the wrapper, noticing as I did so that the ends, both top and bottom, had come unsealed.
I am, at this moment, exerting my intelligence (such as it is) in your service, under the influence of a dose of laudanum, some ten times larger than the dose Mr.
You may remember, under the influence of the second dose of opium, the place in which you hid the Diamond under the influence of the first."
The fatal dose is taken from your husband's Wineglass.
A lady in England lost her life by taking a similar mixture: the precipitated strychnine collected at the bottom, and in taking the last dose she swallowed nearly all of it!"
One or two of those powders introduced into the full bottle of medicine would effectually precipitate the strychnine, as the book describes, and cause it to be taken in the last dose. You will learn later that the person who usually poured out Mrs.
"Have some of this," said he, and gave me a dose of some scarlet stuff, iced.
By tea-time, however, the dose had been enough, and Mr.
Even so, by delivering several small doses rather than a single large dose, the physician can minimize the risk of cranial nerve palsies when irradiating skull base tumors such as acoustic neuromas and pituitary adenomas, particularly larger tumors (e.g., 3 to 5 cm).
More importantly, he states, "Most imaging professionals are not aware of the high doses of radiation that CT produces.
In the report "Vaccination Coverage for Selected Vaccines, Exemption Rates, and Provisional Enrollment Among Children in Kindergarten--United States, 2016-17 School Year," on page 1074 the first sentence of footnote "[section][section]" should have read "All 50 states and DC required 2 doses of a measles-containing vaccine."