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This suggests that an effect on autoimmunity might be a sensitive toxic end point (an effect that occurs at doses lower than other adverse effects) for methoxychlor, and therefore of particular interest for risk assessment, o,p'-DDT decreased the time to development of lupus at a dosing rate of 0.
Methadone (Dolophine) can decrease didanosine levels up to 41% (methadone levels remain unchanged): increased dosing of didanosine should be considered.
43] Twenty-five patients were randomized to receive a 500-mg infusion of amifostine 15 minutes prior to chemotherapy dosing.
After 14 days of dosing with 400 mg of bevirimat tablets administered on top of patients' failing background regimens, an antiviral effect was seen in the bevirimat treatment group.
Succimer dosing commenced within approximately 15 min after administration of the oral [sup.
To date 34 women of the 39 enrolled have completed three months of dosing.
Dosing continued through pregnancy and the birth and nursing of pups, ending at weaning.
A primary objective of the trial is to determine the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) of huN901-DM1 in multiple myeloma patients with this dosing schedule.