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Dost thou not remember, lad, how I showed thee the proper way to nip the goose feather betwixt thy fingers and throw out thy bow arm steadily?
Truly, I did think so myself," quoth Little John, "therefore, no doubt, thou dost think it was wise of me to abide all night at the Blue Boar Inn, instead of venturing forth in such stormy weather; dost thou not?
Ah, Lothario, Lothario," said Anselmo, "how ill dost thou meet thy obligations to me, and the great confidence I repose in thee
Thy wife Camilla is virtuous, thou dost possess her in peace and quietness, no one assails thy happiness, her thoughts wander not beyond the walls of thy house, thou art her heaven on earth, the object of her wishes, the fulfilment of her desires, the measure wherewith she measures her will, making it conform in all things to thine and Heaven's.
Dost think she's quite fixed against marrying, Seth?
But dost think she might ever get fond enough of anybody else to be willing to marry 'em?
Before those whom thou lovest- Before all Rome I'll taunt thee, villain, -- I'll taunt thee, Dost hear?
Furthermore, our work environment had become comfortable with the friendly, approachable and cheerful nature of the staff which was essential for us to effectively absorb all the knowledge and acquaint ourselves with the work of DOST personnel.
Meanwhile, Taule also recognized the contributions of different DOST regional offices such as ARMM to promote STARBOOKS and gain significant interests from LGUs, educational institutions, and partner organizations.
Justice Dost Mohammad said a judge had many responsibilities to fulfil and should render sacrifices to ensure supremacy of the Constitution and the law.
While the students didn't get the opportunity to ask the astronauts their prepared questions, they were glad to learn more about the advancements made by the DOST, particularly in the development of space hardware, according to Arugay.
Justice Dost stated during the Ziaul Haq regime people used to be tied to trees and flogged.