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Truly, I did think so myself," quoth Little John, "therefore, no doubt, thou dost think it was wise of me to abide all night at the Blue Boar Inn, instead of venturing forth in such stormy weather; dost thou not?
Ali Dost, Allah Bakhsh Buzdar, Raziq Nadir, Chairman of the Balochi department, Raheem Mehar, besides faculty members and students.
Justice Dost Muhammad said the parliament makes the foreign policy but it is not implemented.
In a formal statement Dost Muhammad Khosa asserted that PML (N) was just like his family and family elders always condoned the mistakes of their juniors.
Actors will include the DOST ICT Office, other national government agencies, local government units, ICT service providers and equipment/software vendors, civil society organizations, and the public.
Dost Muhammad Khan said that he would formally announce about joining of PML-N in a public rally in his area soon, adding that PPP is no more Zulfiqar Bhutto's party but it has become 'Zardari Limited Company'.
Under the measure, the Balik Scientist Program shall include privileges for short term program, such as free round-trip economy airfare, daily subsistence allowance to be determined by the DOST, grants-in-aid (GIA) for research and development projects approved by the Secretary of the DOST, and exemption from any civil service examination or licensing requirement for professional regulatory board with the duration of the contract.
Tribal which are completely ignored by the present government, dost Muhammad stated.
Chief Justice PHC Dost Muhammad Khan directed to the Home Department and Inspector General Police to submit inquiry report regarding the case of Anaar Gul.
Dost Mazari said that estimated rehabilitation cost of NHA network frequently used by overloaded vehicles of NATO/ISAF/American Transit freight over the year was $ 1463.
The JI leaders further said, their party had fielded candidates for 16 slot of chairmen and vice chairmen and 130 for councillors in the district with the support of Islam Dost Mahaz.
He was addressing as chief guest at the inauguration ceremony of Skooon Kors (Peace Homes) built by Dost Welfare Foundation (DWF) at Dost Complex, Shahi Bala near Peshawar on Thursday.