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DOT. This French word is adopted in Louisiana. It signifies the fortune, portion, or dowry, which a woman brings to her husband by the marriage. 6 N. S. 460. See Dote; Dowry.

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b) The bidder has to quote 100% of the tendered quantity of the (i) Mobile Device & (ii) Portable Dot Matrix Bluetooth Printer to carry* out Spot Billing for which he submitted tender covered under this specification.
For more information about Epson's dot matrix POS printers, visit: www.
Khalil El Dalu, General Manager, Epson Middle East, said, "Compared with other print technologies, dot matrix printing has a range of advantages, for instance, it can print carbon copies and is not affected by external factors.
For environments where a dot matrix printing solution is the obvious choice -- warehouses, wholesalers, banks, post offices and public sector organisations -- the new user friendly Epson LQ-690 adds speed and reliability," said Khalil El-Dalu, general manager, Epson Middle East.
It times the firing of the solenoids to produce the dot matrix characters.
Most dot matrix laser systems also can produce graphic symbols, some with high resolution.
For example, the strengths of dot matrix printers are speed, price and the ability to produce the best multi-part forms.
DOT Matrix POS Printer: Single station with a DOT matrix/impact print head.
The new dot matrix system, New Sparkle II, is described as 'high speed, high resolution and high definition', with variable dot shape of either round, square or Gaussian dot sizeand variable dot resolution from 400 to 3,000 dpi (4,000 dpi or higher is possible with custom-made systems) at up to 200 dots per second exposure.
Contract Awarded for Double pulse dot matrix q-switched nd yag laser treatment system (including 308nm excimer phototherapy instrument)
The counterfeits discussed below were all made using dot matrix graphics.