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DOTE, Span. law. The property which the wife gives to the husband on account of marriage.
     2. It is divided into adventitia and profectitia; the former is the dote which the father or grandfather, or other of the ascendants in the direct paternal line, give of their own property to the husband; the latter (adventitia) is that property which the wife gives to the husband, or that which is given to him for her by her mother, or her collateral relations, or a stranger. Aso & Man. Inst. B. 1, t. 7, c . 1, Sec. i.

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AN ex-printer for the Chronicle and Journal, described as a devoted family man who doted on his grandchildren, has passed away, aged 82.
Chris had three sons and three grandchildren, whom he doted on.
Doted on by her retired cop (uh oh) father (Osvaldo Santoro) and loving mom (Silvia Bayle), Cristina refuses to believe it when a judge (Hugo Arana) summons her to his chambers and introduces her to Elisa (the late Susana Campos), a grandmother she never knew she had.
Claire Beardsmore said her partner, 40-year-old Noel White, had doted on Shanice and the pair were 'totally inseparable'.